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aMSa @ SSC2019 08/08-11 aMSa @ SSC2019 08/08-11


2 時間

Super Smash Con 2019 Melee Top 8 will start soon!!! I’m supposed to play first match vs S2J. I just wanna say, Have fun guys!!! SSC2019 Top 8 間も無く開始!!行ってきます!!



17 時間

Day3! 昨日の日本ドン勝で最終日は勢いに乗ることができるのか!Day3本日分のキャンペーン応募締切は今日の23時59分迄 配信開始:16:00 CASTER: COMMENTATOR: 👇配信URL👇 Youtube: :

Ninja Ninja


13 分

has now reverted my channel back to how an offline page should look. Thank you.

Thanos Thanos


43 分

so has new rules I guess Allows females to break TOS ✅ Allows porn to be featured ✅ Dosnt apologizes for their mistakes ✅ Uses female streamer as free porn ✅ Allows streamers to Abuse Animals✅ Dosnt listen to community feedback✅

Polygon Polygon


46 分

Porn referral from Ninja’s old channel leads to his accusation of bad treatment

RTA in Japan RTA in Japan


2 時間

セットアップタイム2に行われるゲームは、『おどるメイドインワリオ』カテゴリーは「Any%」 走者はなんと引き続きTHEチキンさん()です! Wiiリモコンによる操作がウリのこのタイトル、どんな走りとなるのでしょうか!? 配信はこちらから⇒

hyojin hyojin


33 分

ninja leaves feat for voices

Matt Matt


53 秒

Staff Jerking their meat to thots

MidnaGamer MidnaGamer


19 分

Me to after all the news recently:

Honest Twitch Support Honest Twitch Support


1 時間

Dear – We over at love ninja and only want what’s best for him, which is why we put porn on his channel. We also love alinity which is why we don’t ban her. I hope this clears things up. Get the new prime pack.

Joe Negan Joe Negan


4 分

Never before seen footage of Ninja choosing between or Mixer.

Nik 🏳️‍🌈 Nik 🏳️‍🌈


53 分

People who stream on after today's news

Catbo Catbo


4 分

admins white knighting alinity be like

PC Gamer PC Gamer


36 分

Ninja 'disgusted' after promotes porn stream on his dormant channel

GeckoGuyYT GeckoGuyYT


8 分

I’m sorry , but it’s just too awful to support

Ben // Sparrow Ben // Sparrow


15 分

Everytime mentioned then moved onto another story…

Grandpa Ramsay Grandpa Ramsay


33 分

Currently the people who defend and their pornstars:

Twitch Japan Twitch Japan


20 時間

夏の恒例 【RTA in Japan Online 2019】進行中。 4日間にわたり次々とタイトルを攻略。素直に視聴です。 🎥配信 📖詳細

Morgan Morgan


49 分

I have to say, I support because, as a feminist, I'm fighting for EQUALITY. NOT TO NOT LET WOMEN EVADE CONSEQUENCES. These girls need to go and is doing nothing because a lot of people on are just there for the titty streams. It's disgusting.

AP The Hardcore Gamer AP The Hardcore Gamer


25 分

isn’t going anywhere. Save your the outrage. Btw Mixer sucks ass