【LoL】日本人・LJL総合スレ Part174


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【LoL】日本人・LJL総合スレ Part173
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james Oniel james Oniel


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Weekend in a bit.. Cant wait so left work to grab few things ..

ぽんこつなち ぽんこつなち


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今日のかなしみ 全世界のLeeSin使いの人々に申し訳ない気持ちになりましたが頑張りたいです

lol-エルオーエル- lol-エルオーエル-


11 時間

9月27日になんばグランド花月で開催される「スマイルフェス」にの出演が決定致しました🎉🎉 ▼日時・会場 9月27日(金) 開場18:40/開演19:00 会場:なんばグランド花月 ▼イベントサイト

queenflourish09 queenflourish09


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They want everything Mercy has for their fav They ship Ike , they ship Diane goodluck trashcans, We ship Mercy with the 60M✊🏽

lol-エルオーエル- moca lol-エルオーエル- moca


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cherry cherry


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if you stop finding harry attractive () or don’t connect with his music anymore. It’s fine. Go like whatever you want but at least have some personality instead of talking shit about harry just to impress your new mutuals and get ‘accepted’ by them…

lol-エルオーエル- 佐藤友祐 lol-エルオーエル- 佐藤友祐



傘買った瞬間やみ出した。 俺も病み出しそう。笑笑

榮樂斎 榮樂斎


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Donny Dooley Donny Dooley


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Crash outside Lester's Farm Market on Brookfield Rd now 1:45pm. Lettuce hope there are no injuries. Drivers are practicing the mooooooooo-over law here. Drivers are being asked to turnip around and go back the other way. !

Simi Simi


14 分

See, idgaf if you disagree with me. I don't agree with everybody. I don't like everything. It's insane to expect that. But if you disrespect me, I will meet you in the mud and leave you there with the 3 people that care about you. I don't look for trouble. . ok not really.

Pavel พูม Pavel พูม


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Can someone draw me a cartoon of me squishing my mochis goodnight

ポジティブすぎるゆめ太( ˘༥˘ )スヤ ポジティブすぎるゆめ太( ˘༥˘ )スヤ


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楽しい楽しいLeesin初心者の をご覧ください

ひなない ひなない


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Kaleid illyaさん最新の戦績(Normal)はマルファイトで9キル6デス16アシストの勝利です。

くぴさん🍜 くぴさん🍜


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ta-bo ta-bo


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返信先: @DummyLostonline
今書類を改めて見てみると 医療及び休業補償給付不支給処分取消審査請求事件になってました()

💗レイ/令 🇺🇸❤🇯🇵🌞✌✌✌✌✌😴🐕🐈 💗レイ/令 🇺🇸❤🇯🇵🌞✌✌✌✌✌😴🐕🐈


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返信先: @staff_aoi

⚔️Kat Blaque⚔️ ⚔️Kat Blaque⚔️


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These comments will always get me

MoomooVii ▫️ Mamamoo MoomooVii ▫️ Mamamoo


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Report. She's saying hwasas just trying to copy l*sa and she just looks like a copy with cellulitis. .

# SAHRA-01 # SAHRA-01


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返信先: @badassceo
私は普通です 😂

Kat ☆ Kat ☆


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✨ Your fuyao adorable mascot is here ✨ (the boys are forced to do that )